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Carlisle Rare & Minority breeds
Show & Sale
21st Sep 2019
For further information or to register your entry please contact our Pedigree Department on 01228 406230

York Rare Breed Sale
33rd Autumn Show and Sale
Saturday 12th October 2019

Calf Show
Thirsk Auction Mart
Sunday 10th Nov 2019

Show Results 2018.

Supreme Champion Plantree Nepele
S & K Darnbrook

Reserve Champion Reedshaw Truffles

Best Non short Heifer
Best homebred Heifer
M & Y Medley
S & K Darnbrook
1st Plantree Nepele S & K Darnbrook 111.00 points
2nd Plantree Echo S & K Darnbrook 11.00
3rd Reedshaw Blossom 2nd M & Y Medley 6.00
4th Hillgrove Lizzy S & J Sykes 5.00
4th Lucky Sixpence V Schofield 5.00
Heifer over 18mths
1st Reedshaw Truffles M & Y Medley 34.00
2nd Brookeland Juliette J Booth 15.50
3rd Aardrind Jadciate L Gidney 11.50
4th Hillgrove Jenna S & J Sykes 8.00
5th Planetree Echidna S & K Darnbrook 7.00
Heifer under 18mths
1st Reedsshaw Valentina M & Y Medley 24.00
2nd Hillgrove Rosie S & J Sykes 13.00
2nd Brookelan Ioin J Booth 13.00
4th Planetree Gaie S & K Darnbrook 12.00
5th Reedshaw Cherry M & Y Medley 10.00
Herd Results
1st Planetree S & K Darnbrook 276.00
2nd Reedshaw M & Y Medley 91.00
3rd Brookelan J Booth 40.50
4th Hillgrove S & J Sykes 32.00
5th Zanfara L Gidney 22.50
6th Harron V Schofield 19.00
7th Jetpack A Lewis 12.00
8th Humberdale P Myhill 9.00
9th Mistymorn Beedham Family 2.00


Calf Show results 2018



Class 1 (3 - 9mths
1st Darnbrook’s Planetree Remus
2nd Lewis’s Jetpack Summer
3rd Darnbrook’s Planetree Deianeira
4th Darnbrook’s Planetree Calchas
5th Myhill’s Humberdale Cosette
Dexter Calf Show
Class 2 (9 - 15mths
1st Darnbrook’s Planetree Kalliope
2nd Myhill’s Humberdale Marius
3rd Lewis’s Jetpack Bruce
4th Booth’s Brookelan Joy
Dexter Calf Show 2018
Class 3 (15 - 24mths)
1st Sykes’s Hillgrove Rosie
2nd Booth’s Brooklan Julliette
3rd Darnbrook’s Planetree Juno
Dexter Calf Show 2018
Champion Planetree Remus
Reserve Champion Hillgrove Rosie
Winners Dexter Calf Show
Pairs Class
1st Sykes & Booth’s pair
2nd Lewis’s pair
Dexter Calf Show
Judge Carol Bickerton
Judge Carol Bickerton


Calf Show Nov 2017 Results

Class 1 3 -9mths

1st Darnbrooks bull calf Planetree Charon
2nd Sykes bull calf Hillgrove Red Robin
3rd Darnbrooks bull calf Planetree Midas
4th Sykes heifer Hillgrove Rosie
5th Ingleson’s bull calf Nentsberry Dan
6th Ingleson’s heifer Nentsberry Minimolly


Class 2 9mths – 15mths

1st Booths heifer Brookelan Julliette
2nd Darnbrooks heifer Planetree Juno
3rd Darnbrooks heifer Planetree Gaia
4th Gidney’s bull calf Zanfara Tailor


Class 3 15mths – 24mths

1st Sykes Hillgrove Red May
2nd Gidney’s Aardeind Jadeite
3rd Griffiths Harron Sasha
4th Beedham’s Northbrook CanCan
5th Booth’s Brookelan Molly
6th Griffiths Harron Frida

Champion Darnbrooks Planetree Charon Res Champion Booths Brookelan Julliette

Pairs Class

1st Darnbrooks
2nd Griffins
3rd Booths
4th Sykes
5th Ingleson’s


Our judge Hazel, with a small token of our appreciation for judging our show.
Calf Show 2016

Our last event in 2016 was our calf show held at Thirsk Auction Mart by invitation of the Aberdeen Angus Society who organises this event. It is open to other cattle societies to hold their own shows along with the A.A Northern Group, thus keeping the costs down and creating a busy atmosphere.

Although our entries where probably the lowest they have been for a while, due to a couple of our regular exhibitors not being present.
However it was lovely to see one new exhibitor doing well with their youngster.

Mary Kay very kindly agreed to be our judge and the results are as follows

Class 1 (3 – 8mths)
1st Beedham’s Northbrook Can Can
2nd Sykes’s Hillgrove Jeanie
3rd Sykes’s Hillgrove Red May

Class 2 (8 – 15mth
1st Gidney’s Aardrind Jadeite
2nd Booth’s Brookelan Molly 2nd
3rd Myhill’s Humberdale Samphire

Class 3 (15 – 24mths
1st Sykes’s Hillgrove Buttons
2nd Myhill’s Humberdale Topsy
3rd Gidney’s Zanfara Katerina
4th Booth’s Brookelan Jemmalon
Champion Hillgrove Buttons
Res Champion Northbrook Can Can
Pairs Class
1st Myhills
2nd Booth & Sykes
3rd Gidneys
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