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Dexter Cattle Crush
Cattle Crush for sale

Ring Feeder for Sale £85, takes apart to make 3 sections for transporting.SOLD

Cattle Crush 6’ long x 26” wide £275 ONO

Contact Suzie Linn at either e-mail
or mobile 07878658882 landline 01484663778
buyer to collect. Help available for loading onto a trailer if required.

Ring Feeder for sale

Cattle for sale & Bulls for hire.


Kirise Ginger Snap M6024 available to hire
4yr TB areas only
£30 per cow fpr more details contact
Jenni Small (Leeds area)
mobile 07736 701969 or 01423 733433

Pedigree non short black dexter bull born 14/04/2014. Registered with the Dexter Cattle Society.

Nentsberry Marcus Reg No M6433

Sire : Harron Sonny Jim
Dam: Nentsberry Molly

Has been halter trained and shown. Quiet and good to deal with. Throws good beefy stock. Sadly for sale as now has his own daughters coming into the herd. 4 year TB area.

Price - £650
Tel: 01904 738165

Dexter Bull for sale




Bull For Hire
Zanfara Dexters has the
Following for hire
Baranduin Delta, Reg No M5991 red non-short bull will be available to hire Fee £30 per cow.
Proven & calves can be seen.
Rosewood Glenkinchie, red non-short yearling @ £25 fee.
Contact Ms L Gidney
Tel 01388 731848


Bull For Hire
Toadhole Paul M6005 Black non short
4yr TB areas only Contact Andy Child 07752 881608


As a long term breeding project, I would like to buy a weaned calf, entire male or heifer, sired by the A.I. bull Vycanny Glencally's Reiver but with minimal/no Woodmagic breeding on the dam's side. Must be from 4 year TB testing zone. Email or phone 01388 731848 to discuss further.



Eagleridge Dexters.

Our Dexters are mainly non short.
Red & Black Dexter's Occasionally for Sale
Dexter beef sold, bagged, labelled and boxed.
Sold in either 1/4 0r 1/6 of a beast.
Pre ordering is a must.
contact Ann Gates 01653 668318 for further details